HOB hosts Cape Pep Rally

February 12, 2020

A diverse group of Cape Henlopen High School students visited H.O. Brittingham Elementary Feb. 7 for an action-packed pep rally, entertaining students with music, cheers, athleticism and smiles.

The high school students were looked to as leaders by the young students, and the elementary kids were not disappointed as the teens showed the future of Cape their skills and talents.

Cape High was represented by the chorus, dance team, cheerleaders, drum line, and basketball and wrestling squads. H.O.B. students watched and participated in a variety of events. Some lucky students were chosen to dance, cheer, play drums, grapple with wrestlers and shoot some buckets with the basketball team.

“The collaboration between H.O.B. and Cape Henlopen High School is one built on community and pride,” said Cape teacher and organizer Patrick Kilby. “Both school administrations are amazing in that we are able to foster relationships between the elementary school kids and high school kids. Not only are we building relationships, but we are able to bring Cape Henlopen High School students who attended H.O.B. back to see their former teachers and to show the youngsters the many opportunities that lie ahead of them at the high school. Most of all, the H.O.B. students are able to build on their already outstanding level of school spirit, and take time away from the classroom to share in a school-wide initiative to build and support a positive atmosphere that the H.O.B. administration and teachers foster every day.”

“I love it,” said H.O.B. first-grader Swayzee Weatherspoon. “I liked the music and cheerleaders, but I think the basketball was my favorite. I want to play basketball when I get to Cape.”