Honoring, celebrating work, despite corona

September 4, 2020

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society.”Vince Lombardi, legendary football coach

Labor Day weekend a la coronavirus is different from what we’re used to in Delaware’s Cape Region. But it’s still the same holiday weekend for celebrating and honoring the critically important human activity we call work.

With so many people unemployed, now doing whatever they can to earn a buck, feed their families and pay their bills, work and the fruits of our labor need to be appreciated like never before. Work is effort over time. That equals accomplishment.

We see it every day in the sweat of construction workers, in the competent compassion of healthcare workers, in the vigilance of lifeguards, police officers and other first responders. We see it in the diligence of office workers and salespeople, in the smiles of hospitality workers, in the caring nature of teachers, the pride taken by cleaning people, the professionals in all industries striving to hone skills and use them to help others.

The list of types of work and workers is endless. That’s the amazing thing. Work is us. Human beings are designed to be active and happiest when accomplishing things, small and large. Putting forth effort and standing back to appreciate the result – whether it be a nicely mowed loan, a perfectly scooped ice cream cone, a successful surgery, a well-written story, or a thriving student – all of that and so much more is fundamental to human contentment, accessible to all of us.

Lewes was onto something when it announced earlier this summer that the July Fourth fireworks would be postponed until Labor Day. Labor should be celebrated with grand fireworks displays. Of course, it was disappointing when the corona grinch forced the cancellation of that celebration and so many more.

As humans do, however, we will continue working to make things better. Corona can stop a lot, but it can’t stop us from appreciating the value of honest labor on this Labor Day weekend, and throughout the year. 

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