Hoping Groome Church will change direction

October 6, 2017

It is never too late to do what you should have done.

It is our hope that Groome United Methodist Church will reconsider its decision regarding the land it is selling on New Road in Lewes. The pastor and congregation still have the opportunity to accept the fair and generous offer made by the Townsend family and the state, ensuring that the land would be kept as open space. Groome's legacy would allow future generations to continue to find refreshment and God's peace in the beauty of Southern Delaware.

This would be a timeless memorial to their presence in Lewes.

We respectfully ask that Groome not proceed with the process of solidifying a contract with a developer. The land on New Road is key to securing the preservation of a significant portion of the Great Marsh Project. Its development could open up and precipitate construction on over 1,000 lots with all the infrastructure, traffic and congestion that would accompany it. Lewes would lose precious animal and bird habitat, forested buffer land, and the benefit of coastal resiliency to storm damage that this land offers.

Groome should also consider that, while the developer may be offering more money, this path would likely also result in significant time delays and setbacks while studies and zoning issues are investigated. The offer from the state would not be burdened by these delays.

We recognize that the pastor and congregation have probably spent many hours trying to discern the most wise path forward, but the opportunity is always there to re-evaluate in an attempt to do the right thing. We ask that the people of Groome carefully consider the ramifications of their decision.
Finally, we wish to commend and applaud the amazing generosity of the Townsend family as well as the outstanding support given by Councilperson I.G. Burton and Sen. Ernie Lopez.

Bruce and Eve Aldred


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