How can we be assured of our birthright?

February 22, 2021

Yes, we can all wish Mr. Trump well in his retirement; however, regarding Jan. 6, 2021, we could have done far better without it.

 Fact is, I was born into “one nation under God” where should an elected official incite an insurrection aimed at impeding the functioning of a coequal branch of government, and never mind resulting deaths of fellow citizens, impeachment, conviction and forever barring the culprit from public office would result.  This assurance represented in part and until recently, my birthright as an American citizen.

 When I leave this planet, however, such will not be the case.  Instead, a president is now permitted to incite violence and threaten the republic’s continuance.  Needless to say, a peaceful transition of power is no longer guaranteed.

 So, rather than an election being stolen, part of my birthright has now gone missing.  And such is the case for millions and millions of Americans and the millions yet to come - our children’s children - assurances lost to us forever. Against great odds, we must work to assure the continuance of this, our democratic republic.  Hopeful we must remain, hopeful that we and those who follow will render our nation its due - an ever greater caretaking under heaven.

Jeff Dailey
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