I played a Jurassic World game using only my voice

July 5, 2018

Up until a few nights ago, I had never used Alexa in my life. I know I may be in the minority, but it's just something I haven't gotten around to yet. I'm a bit of an old soul, and I don't see Alexa as something I really need in my life at this point. I don't have an Alexa-enabled device, but I do have a smartphone with the Amazon Alexa app. What made me finally command Alexa to do something? A video game, of course! Well actually, an audio game.

I do not consider myself a Jurassic Park/World fanatic by any means, but I do enjoy the movies. The Jurassic Park theme song is my favorite piece of music of all time, and I have fond memories of watching Jurassic Park with my dad when I was young (probably too young to be watching the film). When I heard about this new "interactive audio adventure" based in the Jurassic World universe, I was instantly intrigued. Having never used Alexa before, I was a little intimidated, but I found the whole process, from downloading the app to launching and playing the game, very straightforward.

It's a parallel story, set during the events of the newly released Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You play as Jesse, and you're tasked with helping podcaster Janet Best find out what's going on in Isla Nublar. The game consists of six chapters, and the first chapter is free of charge. The remaining five chapters are available for $4.99.

Some elitist gamers may say that something like Jurassic World Revealed isn't a "video game" and shouldn't be classified as such. Well, factually, it isn't a "video" game, but rather an audio game. If you're not a person who enjoys choose-your-own-adventure games, this probably isn’t something you should explore. I have always been a fan of games where my choices affect the story ... there’s something very immersive about it.

Even though core gamers may not be the target market for Jurassic World Revealed and other Earplay games, they can certainly enjoy the experience on-the-go and at a very low cost. I don’t see myself playing a lot of Earplay games, but it’s a fun way to pass the time while enjoying a story without having to sit and stare at a screen.

Are you interested in Jurassic World Revealed? Download the first chapter for free on your smartphone via the Amazon Alexa app and let me know what you think!

View the trailer on the Jurassic World YouTube channel.

  • Cassie Gotto-White is a gamer, a planner babe, and a boba tea fanatic. She discovered her passion for video games at age six when she was given an NES Top Loader by her aunt. Her current main consoles are the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Some of her favorite games include The Last of Us, the Uncharted series, the Yakuza series, Persona 5, and Night in the Woods. Follow her on Instagram at @planningwithcass and YouTube at

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