Inspiration is all around us

August 26, 2022

In Tuesday’s print edition, the Cape Gazette ran a story about local life coach, motivational speaker and personal trainer “Red” Ryan Ennis. It’s not surprising this story quickly rose through the ranks to become one of our top 10 most-read online stories of the week.

Red’s story is unthinkable for most and a real gut check for those paying close attention. Despite the unfathomable weight on his shoulders, Red has gone out of his way to share his story while promoting positivity and providing inspiration to others. In addition to spreading his uplifting message with the Cape Gazette, Red provides daily words of encouragement on his social media channels.

Another top 10 story of the week featured founder and CEO emeritus of Seaboard Hospitality Ken Simpler Sr. Despite suffering a stroke just 18 months ago, Ken happily agreed to an impromptu interview on the beach and smiled for pictures while talking about his motorized wheelchair, which allows him to still enjoy time on the beach with his loved ones. In the face of adversity, Ken is finding ways to get the most out of life.

Our top sports story of the week was a recap of the Badges and Basketball game brought to Cape Henlopen High School by Schell Brothers’ Project Kudos. The game featured Delawareans Jimmie Allen and Ryan Phillippe with a cast of other stars from all walks of life. The night was about uniting our community and local law enforcement, and all proceeds from the game went to Andre Collins’ charity Xposure Athletics and our locally based Pathways for Success. A win for everyone involved.

Motivation is easy to find. You barely have to go looking for it. From everyday locals to international celebrities, we should all take inspiration from those around us and find ways to give back to the people and organizations in the Cape Region and nearby areas where we are all so lucky to live and visit.


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