UPDATE: Richards, Derrickson win Henlopen Acres election

Hertrich finishes third; Shedletsky fourth; winners to be sworn in Sept. 10
August 28, 2021

Story Location:
Henlopen Acres Town Hall
104 Tidewaters
Henlopen Acres, DE 19971
United States

Beatrix ‘Paddy’ Richards and Tiffany Derrickson have won the 2021 election in Henlopen Acres. Held Aug. 28, it was the town’s first election in a decade.

Incumbent Richards, a commissioner since 2007, was the high vote-getter with 91 votes. 

“I'm very pleased to have been re-elected for another term to serve Henlopen Acres,” said Richards, in an email shortly after the results were announced.

Derrickson, a longtime resident of Henlopen Acres and newcomer to the board of commissioners, received 90 votes.

It was wonderful to see so many Henlopen Acres homeowners exercise their civic duty and vote, said Derrickson via email Aug 29.

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to use my knowledge and give my time to represent the people and Town of Henlopen Acres as a town commissioner,” said Derrickson.

Lyndie Hertrich, with 83 votes, finished third.

“I know Paddy and Tiffany will represent Henlopen Acres with the utmost integrity. I congratulate them both on their success,” said Hertrich, in an email Aug. 28.

John Shedletsky finished fourth, with 28 votes. After not agreeing with a number of changes made by commissioners over the past few years, especially a change to the town’s rental code, he ran on a platform trying to appeal to nonresidents.

“I want to represent the interests of the two-thirds of owners who are nonresidents. They should not be second-class citizens,” said Shedletsky, in an email July 28 shortly after announcing his candidacy.

Shedletsky could not be reached for comment, but Richards and Derrickson agree the vote totals show a majority of the property owners are happy with how the town is being run.

This election says the citizens in the community are very happy with the governing bodies, said Richards.

Derrickson added that she thinks the vote spread shows the homeowners appreciate the history and sense of community, and wish to preserve all the things that make the Henlopen Acres such a special place to live.

In all, 158 votes were cast in the election, with 86 the day of and 72 absentee. There were 279 registered voters.

Richards and Derrickson will be sworn into office for three-year terms at the commissioners’ organizational meeting Friday, Sept. 10. Sitting Commissioner Andrew Brittingham did not run for re-election.

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