Jessica Tyndall cares about all children

March 31, 2023

I have been doing background research on Cape Henlopen school board incumbent Jessica Tyndall, who is running for re-election.  

Her name has been besmirched by Hylton Phillips-Page (see his letter “DEI and the Cape Board Seat“ from March 23).

My research reveals what Jessica Tyndall really stands for in Cape Henlopen schools.

Jessica Tyndall really cares about … children. Not just her own children either. She is deeply concerned about all children, even those not in her neighborhood! She seems to want all children to get a fair shot in our schools and have an opportunity to succeed in life. 

She has given her time to support the Cape Henlopen Education Foundation that gives teacher grants to underfunded programs like school supplies for poor children. CHEF allows teachers to give proper attention to STEM and the arts. These donors enrich the schools without raising taxes.

Cape Henlopen schools have excellent scores in comparison with other public schools in Delaware. Delaware schools land in the middle of the pack nationally.

Her opponent, Shawn Lowenguth, is new to educational activities and recently submitted his application (just before the deadline) for the school board. I read that he is interested in discipline and safety, which is a public school concern that we all have. But where does he stand on making sure that all children from our community have a chance for success, regardless of their pocketbook or skin tone or even disability? I can’t tell. He hasn’t addressed these issues. 

I am very pleased with what I have learned about Jessica Tyndall; she is the better choice for our children. I hope you will vote to keep her on the school board. Any adult in the Cape Henlopen School District can vote for school board, even if you don’t presently have children in the district.

Chris Perry-Jacobs 
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