Kathy McGuiness appointed deputy auditor

Position allows for smooth transition
December 13, 2018

State Auditor-elect Kathy McGuiness is now deputy of the office she will run after the new year.

“I am grateful that State Auditor Tom Wagner appointed me as deputy auditor for the last few weeks of the transition. By making this appointment and putting taxpayers first, we can ensure a smooth transition for this very important office for state taxpayers,” McGuiness said, who was sworn in by Wagner last week.  

Outgoing State Auditor Tom Wagner said the idea was James Spadola’s, Republican candidate for state auditor who was appointed by Wagner to serve as deputy auditor before his defeat by McGuiness Nov. 6. Spadola said he approached both McGuiness and Wagner about the change and they agreed.

“I think it makes sense for the office to move forward,” Spadola said.

Wagner said the auditor’s office staff has moved into a new building and McGuiness has been sworn in. As deputy, Wagner said, McGuiness won’t be able to hire new staff yet, but she will have access to information that will help her when she officially takes over as state auditor.

“It will help her with the conversion,” Wagner said.

In mid-November, the sign for the state auditor’s office was changed listing McGuiness as the state auditor, but Wagner said that was a mistake which will be fixed.

“The sign guy, for some reason, changed the sign,” he said.

Wagner appointed then-candidate Spadola after the deputy auditor quit the position in October, about two weeks before the election. Wagner said Spadola helped set up social media accounts, and he continued outreach efforts to state employees.

Spadola said he served as deputy on an as-needed basis, and he donated all of his earnings to Faithful Friends. He is now returning as director of partnering for Coded by Kids, a Pennsylvania nonprofit that is expanding to Delaware.

“I’m back with them and looking forward to working with them,” he said.