Letter: Releasing Fried will remove his leadership legacy

April 19, 2019

In response to Mr. Herbert, chairman of the Beebe Healthcare Board of Directors, stating that Beebe needs to move in a different direction, and that, which necessitated the release of Mr. Fried as CEO, is a very poor excuse given his 25 years of dedication and foresight in Beebe Healthcare.

Mr. Fried was able to forecast Beebe’s future as a major medical facility in the Delmarva region. I am a retired radiology manager with over 20 years of service with Beebe, and I strongly disagree with this absurd reasoning.

First and foremost, the Beebe Imaging Departments have the most advanced equipment of most hospitals in this region, thanks to Mr. Fried. I have known and worked with many board chairs.

It was a pleasure to tour them through our imaging units and show off our advanced technology. I never had the pleasure to show Mr. Herbert, since he never visited any of the five Beebe satellite campuses while I was manager.

It seems to me that the so-called vote was nothing more than a witch hunt, a personal vendetta, with Mr. Fried as a scapegoat for certain voters misusing their so-called power. What a joke. Maybe certain members of the board should be investigated.

By releasing Mr. Fried, it will destroy his legacy as a fantastic leader who was able to see into the future and promote Beebe’s growth, not only now, but for years to come.

Neal Kubala
retired manager, Beebe Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging Satellites


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