Letter: Too many cyclists disregarding safe riding rules

April 19, 2019

Jeff Seemans of Milton wrote to the Gazette about how dangerous he believed it was for an automobile driver to have to yield or suddenly stop in the middle of the road for bicyclists crossing the highway from the rails trails.

While driving on Old Orchard Road, a bicyclist suddenly came out of the cross trail in front of me at a high speed and rode right across the highway. I did not have any yield or stop signs at this location, but fortunately, I was alert and stopped before hitting the cyclist who kept going at a high speed.

All trails that cross highways have cyclist stop signs at the intersections that need to be obeyed.

I have observed too many cyclists who ignore them. In addition, bicyclists are required to observe the same traffic laws as automobile drivers when on public highways. I try to give bicyclists great respect, as I am one, but too many disregard safe riding rules.

Nick De Cerchio

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