Lewes in Bloom brightens up Second Street

July 20, 2020

Second Street may have been looking a bit brighter this summer due to the new planters around the area.

From the Ryves Holt House to Touch of Italy, Lewes in Bloom has been busy planting more than 200 flowers in 32 pots.

This project was a joint effort between the city and Lewes in Bloom. It began with the city removing the old plants in the bump-outs. This required careful digging so as not to disturb any electrical wiring in the ground.

Then pea gravel was used to help make the bump outs more attractive and keep the weeds down. With no irrigation along Second Street, investing in self-watering planters like those used at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church gardens would be the only solution.

A self-watering container doesn't actually water itself. It is a system using planters that contain a reservoir of water at the bottom which connects to the soil via a fabric wick. Water is drawn up the wick via capillary action into the soil. The city hired a dedicated person to refill the reservoirs as needed.

Finally, on June 10, the Lewes in Bloom Second Street patrons planted the flowers, many of which were grown by volunteers at the Lewes in Bloom warehouse. Volunteers covered and uncovered the growing young plants depending on the early spring weather. They fertilized, watered and nursed them along for several months till they were ready to be planted.

Lewes in Bloom volunteers invite people to take notice of the planters and enjoy them. Members also ask that the plantings be treated kindly, noting the flowers and greenery don’t like trash or cigarette butts, but they do love to be admired.

When people are in the city early on Tuesday mornings, they are invited to say hello to the patrons who are busy deadheading and keeping the planters looking their best.

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