Lewes Design supports history, landmarks and nonprofits

August 8, 2019

Locally owned Lewes Gourmet, located on the canal at Front Street, has produced an inclusive design to promote iconic Lewes landmarks and beloved Lewes nonprofits reflecting the town’s maritime history, volunteering spirit, and flora and fauna.

The design uses locations, names, icons, symbols and logos to reflect the places, things and organizations held dear by residents and visitors alike. The Lewes Design is currently available on dish towels, posters and greeting cards with more products planned for the future. The product colors have been carefully chosen to be a true representation of Lewes: Cape Henlopen blue and gold, Overfalls and Lewes in Bloom red, and nautical blue.

Participation was free to all nonprofits; they simply allowed their logos to be used in the design in exchange for benefiting from the project’s proceeds.

Lewes Gourmet fronted the design expense, and as a nod to Lewes’ history chose British designer Victoria Eggs, who has done commissioned work for St. Paul’s Cathedral, The National Gallery, House of Lords, Royal Albert Hall, National Army Museum, and others in the UK and America. All of the Lewes Design products have been handmade in Britain using environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainably sourced textiles, papers and dyes. Victoria Eggs said, “It is the emotion attached to the design that inspired me. If the Lewes Design strikes a chord, makes you smile or evokes a special memory, then it becomes much more than a design; it becomes something you will treasure.”

The Lewes Design will be available from participating nonprofits along with the full line available from Lewes Gourmet on Front Street.

Purchases made from a specific nonprofit will result in all money raised being kept by that nonprofit.

Funds raised by the sale of Lewes Design products at Lewes Gourmet will be split among all participating nonprofits.

Nonprofits currently benefiting from the project are Children’s Beach House, Coastal Concerts, Fort Miles Historical Association, Friends of the Lewes Public Library, Lewes Historical Society, Lewes in Bloom, Overfalls Foundation and The Village Volunteers, also known as the Greater Lewes Community Village.

Michele Buckler from Sand ‘N’ Stones licensed, free of charge, the use of the Lewes shield and Living The Lewes Life for the project and will also be promoting the design in her store and offering economical framing of posters and tea towels in support of the project.

Lewes Gourmet is seeking other points of distribution with other retailers or organizations, with any funds raised being given to the participating nonprofits.

“We are excited about being a part of this project with the other wonderful nonprofits in our delightful town,” said Susan Crawford, Lewes in Bloom co-chair. She said she also has a gift list ready to go.

Lewes Gourmet co-owner Andrea Spuck said she had looked for a Lewes representation that could be a uniting image for all people who know and love Lewes but could not find one. Spuck said, “Having worked my whole life in international education or as a staff/board member for many nonprofits, I was looking for a way to give back to Lewes, and also hopefully serve as a catalyst to show how we are all more connected and interdependent than sometimes we realize and appreciate. ‘It takes a village,’ you’ll hear me say all the time. And I am so grateful that mine is now Lewes!” Spuck’s husband Tim Southerst, who owns Puzzles, is also known for his ability to find a connection with visitors and residents alike.

These Lewes Design items join teas in a range of flavors (black, green, hemp, herbal blends and oolong) with their cans featuring pictures and commentary in support of the Lightship Overfalls Foundation, Lewes in Bloom, Lewes Historical Society, Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation, and the Fort Miles Historical Association. A portion of all sales also supports these local nonprofits.

Photography to make the tea can project possible was donated by Michele Buckler, Sand ‘N’ Stones; David Koster, Portraits in the Sand; and Tim Southerst, Puzzles, who also is offering two Lewes puzzles that support Lewes in Bloom and the Lightship Overfalls.

Spuck said, “We are inspired to both support our community and offer our customers a quality product and images of Lewes, the town that we can all unite around – items which can also be shared and enjoyed by family and friends. It is very humbling to speak with guests to our stores about their Lewes connections and what they hold dear in our community. Many share the importance of these nonprofits, locations and iconic landmarks.”

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