Lewes-Rehoboth Rotary donates to help neighbors in need

April 1, 2023

To assist individuals who are homeless, the Rotary Club of Lewes-Rehoboth Beach recently presented donations to the Community Resource Center in Rehoboth Beach, and to the Cape Henlopen School District.

The CRC has fed the hungry and ensured that infants and children have access to basic needs to help them thrive. During the winter months, CRC also offers a day center program to provide respite, showers and access to laundry facilities for individuals who are homeless. The center assists individuals with moving onto a path of stability, through training and job opportunities, education on money management, life skills and support for achieving self-sufficiency.

For Cape Henlopen School District students and families who are homeless children, the club completed a project to raise funds to purchase and deliver 50 sleeping bags and 50 blankets

A meeting was held with the school district's homeless coordinator to determine the immediate needs to assist students and their families. The major items needed were sleeping bags and blankets as many families are doubling or tripling up in households, so there are not enough beds for everyone. Mostly floors, but also sofas and chairs, are used for beds. Unsheltered families also were in desperate need of warm bedding.

The club's board approved a matching program to contribute $1 for every $2 raised through members. More than $3,000 was provided for the purchase. Club members Janine Fitzgerald and George Jarvis spearheaded and organized the effort. Fitzgerald researched appropriate sleeping bags and blankets and arranged for the purchase, delivery, unloading and stocking of all 100 items, in 25 large boxes. The school district staff said the club responded in quick and perfect timing, since the weather was turning colder and the supplies could be distributed right away.


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