Local healers to host retreat at Omega Institute July 21-26

Mind-body transformation can free people from chronic pain
June 13, 2019

Nicole Sachs, LCSW, of Rehoboth Beach will lead a five day total-transformation retreat from Sunday to Friday, July 21 to 26, at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, N.Y.

The retreat, Freedom From Chronic Pain: A Mind/Body Approach, will help participants learn how the release of repressed emotions can lead to a mind-body transformation and free them from chronic pain.

Understanding the mind-body connection is key to people’s ability to free themselves from the protective mechanism by which the brain and nervous system create chronic pain. When repressed emotions are allowed to surface, the body settles into an equilibrium that eliminates pain signals sent in a fight-or-flight mode. Once the nervous system perceives safety instead of danger, pain signals to muscle groups, nerves, and other systems simply cease to fire.

Guided by Sachs and her assistant teachers Athena Allread and Erin Shivone of Lanikai Wellness in Lewes, participants will discover precisely how to invite these repressed feelings to rise, leading to a mind-body transformation. Through discussion, meditation, art therapy, energy work, yoga and other healing practices, a bedrock foundation will be established for long-lasting wellness.

Sachs’ work is built upon the theories of Dr. John Sarno, with whom she worked directly for years. Her work teaches people how to heal themselves of myriad chronic pain conditions and symptoms like fibromyalgia, migraine, back and body pain, IBS and more without surgery or medications of any kind. Her book, “The Meaning of Truth,” has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide, and her success stories are breathtaking.

Participants will leave with a toolkit they can use on their own to heal themselves long after the retreat is over. To purchase tickets, go to or call 877-944-2002. For more information, go to


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