Love Creek students explore different cultures

Holidays, food, music celebrated during inaugural Culture Day
July 3, 2019

Love Creek third-grader Estrella Flores placed a sombrero on her head and pointed to several bright small bowls. “Those are for salsa,” she said, describing favorite foods in her native Mexico.

Students in Alfredo Rodriguez’s class hosted a Culture Day June 10 to celebrate their research into different countries. Rodriguez said he encouraged students to study a country where their parents or ancestors were born. “We’re a very diverse culture here,” he said.

Students spent three weeks studying holidays, food, sports, music, clothing and landforms of countries that piqued their interest. They colored national flags, and created displays and iPad movies highlighting what they learned.

Cecilia Do Carmo, who was born in Brazil, said soccer is very important in her homeland. “All my family is from Brazil,” she said.

Jillian Gallagher partnered with Brayden Podrasky to research Irish culture. “I wanted to study Ireland because I’m Irish with my red hair,” she smiled.

After presenting information to parents and classmates, students enjoyed national foods from cannoli to empanadas brought in from home.

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