March Madness has a whole different feel this year

April 3, 2020

This week was supposed to be the Final Four week in college basketball: Something sports fans really look forward to every spring. Since that ain't happenin', I decided that this week's book recommendation should be about basketball. It's called The Legends Club by John Feinstein.

This is a fairly recent book about three of the most famous coaches and programs in college basketball history. It's about the history and friendships between Duke, North Carolina, and North Carolina State and their coaches, Mike Krzyzewski, Dean Smith, and Jim Valvano. I especially like that it is an upbeat story. It will have to do as a good replacement for no real games. I hope you enjoy the read as much as I did.

And for a little more basketball news and entertainment, ESPN is releasing the Michael Jordan documentary series called The Last Dance on April 19. This is six weeks in advance of when it was supposed to be available, which was to be right before the the NBA finals.

I only got to see the last three years of Jordan's Chicago Bulls career after he came back from his first retirement, playing baseball with the Chicago White Socks AA team for 1 year. The documentary is a 10-part series that you can just go ahead and binge-watch or use it to get you through the No Sports Pandemic.

Another one of the big iconic events to be canceled because of the coronavirus is Wimbledon. This hasn't happened since World War II. I was somewhat surprised that they couldn't postpone it till late July or August before the US Open, but I guess it’s because the British summer is so short. That's supposed to be my lame effort at a joke folks. Sadly, I'm worried that the US Open could be the next announcement. Hopefully not, but for now, everyone who can,


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