Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival held in Lewes

Lewes Historical Society hosts the event
June 8, 2022

Shattering expectations of what some may think is possible with an old broken bottle, nearly 60 vendors filled the campus of the Lewes Historical Society June 4-5 for the Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival. 

Attendees were treated to stained-glass windows made out of sea glass, a surfboard decorated with sea glass, and a variety of different jewelry carefully crafted by skilled metalsmiths. A sunny day paved the way for a successful opening Saturday that saw the campus filled with people interested in learning more about or admiring sea glass.

“First of all, the color is the most critical thing that people get excited about on a certain piece of jewelry,” said sea glass expert Richard H. LaMotte. “Obviously, the reds and oranges are by far the most rare, but then there’s a certain color of blue that people just are very attracted to because it’s also rare but also very, just a soothing color.” 

LaMotte was available to folks wanting to learn more about a peculiar item and how it comes to be on shores both locally and around the world.

Duo Different played classic, campfire-style tunes as festivalgoers walked in and out of the various vendor tents.


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