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Mills for Mayor: Five-point plan for Rehoboth’s future      

July 24, 2020

During my campaign for mayor of Rehoboth Beach, I have detailed my over 20 years of experience and the projects that I have championed, such as total reconstruction of the Boardwalk, video broadcast of city meetings, installation of storm drain markers, sponsoring no-smoking areas throughout the city, improving ADA accessibility, and consulting on the design of the museum grounds.  All of these projects were accomplished with the support of many in the community who deserve recognition. 

During the closing statements of the RBHA/CAMP Rehoboth forum last Saturday, Mayor Paul Kuhns listed accomplishments during his three-year term that sounded familiar to me. He is most proud of developing a five-year Capital Improvement Plan, but failed to mention that I was the first to bring the concept to the table. He also failed to mention that I was also the first to secure specialty beach access mats, first to lend support to having our own recycle center, and first to advocate for and secure a video system in the Commissioners’ Room.  

I would like to thank the members of the Boardwalk and Beach Committee that I chair. Their work was also cited in accomplishments claimed by Paul: getting the large trash truck off the Boardwalk, replacing it with a smaller ATV (and electric mini-pickup unmentioned); purchase of solar-powered compacting trash cans; renovations of the three public restrooms abutting the Boardwalk; and consultation on a maintenance program for the Boardwalk.  

Our work isn’t done. I am still promoting forward-thinking initiatives, such as instituting a new recycling program on the Boardwalk, and expanding the public restrooms to accommodate changing rooms and family restrooms as presented to the commissioners and budgeted, and which are expected to be realized in the near future. Thank you to the many supporters of these projects.

As mayor, I will deal in facts.  I will find effective, collaborative solutions for all stakeholders. I will live up to my oath of office and be mindful that the power of the office comes from you, the people. 

I will move swiftly to build consensus among the commissioners and the citizens to implement my five-point plan: 1) Enhance quality of life, in part by revising the code to provide flexibility to homeowners renovating and preserving neighborhoods. 2) Revitalize our small business community - retaining our local flavor and supporting small businesses in part through the enhancement of Baltimore and Wilmington avenues. 3) Provide visitors with a positive memorable experience. Remember the beach and Boardwalk are our most important assets; we must always maintain them. 4) Reprioritize our budget to balance economic development with infrastructure maintenance. 5) Finally, I will restore faith and public participation in our government. 

Your voices will be heard. 

I would be honored to serve as your mayor, and I ask for your vote Aug. 8 or by absentee ballot. 

Stan Mills
mayoral candidate
City of Rehoboth Beach
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