Mills will lead Rehoboth where we want it to go

July 24, 2020

Mayor Kuhns seems like a nice guy. He speaks well from the podium, and he can be convincing. Unfortunately, shortly after he took over at City Hall, proposals began to surface that were clearly not in the best interest of Rehoboth citizens. Two prominent examples were the proposal to allow LLCs to vote, and the idea of selling our wastewater treatment facility to the county.

We were present at the public meetings called to discuss these proposals. The most common reaction we saw from citizens was “Where the heck did this idea come from?” To our knowledge, neither was discussed during Mayor Kuhns’ campaign, even though the LLC proposal came only a few months after his election. Fortunately, even though both proposals were brought up during the dead of winter, Rehoboth citizens were paying attention, and voiced strong and almost unanimous disfavor of both. The commissioners listened, and neither proposal went anywhere, although we cannot be sure that one or both won’t come back.

If Mayor Kuhns is reelected, there is a very good chance that Rehoboth citizens will be seeing other proposals that are not in our interest, and scratching our collective heads as to where they came from. Fortunately, we have a much better alternative: Stan Mills. Stan has a history of many years’ service to Rehoboth. He is an open book - the epitome of “what you see is what you get.” Nobody should doubt that he will lead the city in the direction that Rehoboth voters want it to go.

We hope you will vote for Stan Aug. 8.

Paull and Anne Hubbard
(Paull is a former planning commissioner)
Rehoboth Beach
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