Milton considers banners paying tribute to military service

Ring of Honor proposed in Memorial Park
July 15, 2019

Milton officials are discussing a plan to honor military service people with banners in Milton Memorial Park.

Mayor Ted Kanakos said he got the idea after seeing a similar display on a trip to Pennsylvania. In May, Lewes erected banners on Kings Highway displaying the names and faces of people in the community who have served in the military. Kanakos said Milton could display similar banners.

Kanakos said Milton cannot place banners on light poles along Union Street - the town doesn’t own the poles - but as an alternative, he suggested a ring of honor in the Memorial Park. He said the town is working through the local VFW chapter to find veterans and relatives. Kanakos’ idea is for the veteran’s family to pay the $150 cost of the banner - they’d get to keep it once the town takes them down - and the town would install them. 

While no plan is in place, the issue was discussed at the streets, sidewalks and parks committee meeting June 18. 

Chairman Emory West said, “I think the mayor came up with a good thing. It’s just a matter of strategically placing them where they will not be a nuisance to foot traffic. That would enhance downtown.”

West said he and Public Works Supervisor Greg Wingo would get more information and come up with a plan for the committee to discuss at its July meeting.