Milton Garden Club launches Hope in Bloom initiative

February 23, 2022

The Milton Garden Club recently announced Hope in Bloom, a new initiative for 2022.

This effort comes in response to the huge outpouring of generosity from Milton community members, businesses and organizations during 2021 who supported the club's mission to beautify Milton through flowers. The club’s board of directors and members feel energized to return this show of kindness, and will be doing so throughout 2022 with many educational, public-spirited donations and events.

“We use the word ‘hope’ in our campaign because we feel the club needs to do its part to bring optimism and promise for a brighter tomorrow. You will see this message displayed on our new Hope in Bloom flags to be placed in our downtown garden areas beginning in the spring,” said Mary Ellen King, club president. 

Last fall, when Milton Town Council agreed to take over responsibility for the irrigation system previously paid for by the garden club, members vowed that any money saved would go directly to improving gardens in the downtown area.

MGC lead gardeners have submitted proposals and requests to improve the memorial garden as well as those at Governor's Walk, the train station and the library. With the club’s spring plantings, locals and visitors will see the new Hope in Bloom flags placed in the gardens.

The club’s next goal is to engage more with the Milton public by holding free demonstrations at all main fundraising events, and including free prizes and giveaways. Events include the Horseshoe Crab and Shorebird Festival, King's Ice Cream fundraiser, fall garden tour and Holly Fest.

The 2021 fall garden tour was the most successful one in years, thanks to the great number of participants who attended and enjoyed the gardens. For the 2022 tour, the club hopes to spotlight more gardens than last year, and possibly include garden topic demonstrations at most if not all of the homes.

The club’s Holly Fest Committee is already looking at ways to have more inventory for this year’s event, since last year’s event was sold out by 11 a.m. with, 50/50 raffle tickets likely purchased by every citizen in Milton, some several times over. The club also received more monetary donations, which members greatly appreciate. 

Many event attendees express interest in joining the Milton Garden Club, and new members help the club expand the areas it cares for. This year, the Milton Historical Society grounds will be one of those areas. The club’s mission cannot succeed without the hearts and hands of the people who do the work.

Another part of the initiative is the $3,000 Hope in Bloom Scholarship. The club will give a second $3,000 scholarship in memory of Past Vice President Eileen Johnson, who passed away in 2021. And thanks to a generous donation, a third $3,000 scholarship will be given.

The members will also choose three Hope in Bloom items to be placed in the clock garden, Governor's Walk garden and memorial garden, such as a garden bench, statue, arbor, or tree. They will be a daily reminder of members’ gratitude to the community for their support, which for over 20 years has allowed the club to provide a wide variety of lush and beautiful flowers, plants and bushes in the downtown gardens of Milton. 

The Milton Garden Club is a 501c3 nonprofit volunteer organization. The club is always seeking new individuals to further its cause to beautify Milton through flowers.

To learn more, go to or contact Mary Ellen King, club president, at 302-329-9878.

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