Milton traffic committee begins work

Recommendations to be submitted in July
February 19, 2021

Property owners around Milton have begun receiving a survey from an ad hoc committee looking to curtail speeding and improve pedestrian safety.

Councilwoman Randi Meredith, chair of the Traffic Calming Advisory Ad Hoc Committee, said the survey will also be sent out to rental property owners and will be found on the town website and at town council meetings.

The survey seeks to identify issues and problem areas for the committee to focus on, including: whether the town should address traffic issues at all, is speeding a concern, should speed limits be lowered, is large truck traffic a concern, should pedestrian safety be improved, and should there be more stop signs and crosswalks.

The survey also allows property owners to identify their biggest concerns and point out any visibility issues at intersections.

The committee, which was formed by Milton Town Council in early January and held its first meeting Jan. 27, tabled a number of issues on its plate until the results of the survey come in. The most discussion, however, was related to speeding, large trucks and potentially dangerous intersections.

The ad hoc committee was formed to look first and foremost at issues of speeding in town, and what sort of steps can be taken to curtail it, particularly speeding by large trucks. Members also plan to discuss issues related to signs, traffic management research and current traffic laws. 

The committee will hold its next meeting at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 24, at Cannery Village Clubhouse. The committee plans to submit recommendations to town council in July. 

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