Mohawk Electrical Systems completes 30 years in workplace safety program

September 26, 2017

Delaware Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro is pleased to congratulate Mohawk Electrical Systems Inc. in Milford for being the first business in Delaware to complete 30 consecutive years in the Workplace Safety Program. He presented Mohawk Electrical Systems President Scott Welch with a certificate Sept. 19 commemorating the firm’s participation.

Navarro said, "We are excited to visit Scott Welch, president of Mohawk, and his team. I applaud his commitment to safety and the well-being of his staff, and am pleased that he has realized such a large savings on his insurance premiums."

Welch said, "We have always viewed the semiannual inspections not as a burden but an opportunity for improvement in our safety program. An outside set of eyes helps keep our personnel focused on safety and reminds everyone our No. 1 goal is our employee well-being. Additionally, we have always found the inspectors to be knowledgeable and interested in genuinely helping us and not trying to penalize us. By avoiding accidents in the first place, we have also realized additional cost savings from our lower loss history and the corresponding reduced premiums.

"It would be reasonable to say that the annual savings has been around $2,500 for an estimated total of $75,000. Additionally, the twice-yearly inspections have allowed us to maintain a low experience mod which was 0.964 in our last renewal. We currently have gone over two years without a reportable injury and have had as long as 860 days without injury. This has added greatly to our overall savings and well-being of our personnel," said Welch.

The Delaware Department of Insurance, in coordination with the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau, offers Delaware employers an opportunity to lower workers compensation insurance premiums by participating in the Delaware Workplace Safety Program.

The program was first offered to Delaware businesses in 1987, and Mohawk Electrical Systems was the first to sign up for the 1988 calendar year. It proved a valuable success and was made official in 1989 with House Bill 130.

The Delaware Department of Insurance Workplace Safety Program is an incentive program designed to assist eligible employers with exposure in Delaware in establishing and maintaining safe workplaces. The Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau determines eligibility and sends the Department of Insurance the address list each month of those employers with exposure in Delaware that meet the requirements for participation in the program and have workers compensation insurance policies renewing in seven months. The program is voluntary. Employers that wish to participate can complete and submit an application. They then undergo safety inspections under the auspices of the Department of Insurance.

Participating employers save up to 19 percent on the Delaware portion of their workers compensation insurance premiums each year they choose to participate. The percentage of the premium credit is determined by the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau.

Over the last five fiscal years alone, Delaware employers have saved over $45 million in workers compensation premiums by participating in the program.

For more information about the program, go to or call 302-674-7377.