New Frankford winery to host New Year’s Eve party

Salted Vines opens new location
December 29, 2016

The new Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery recently opened in Frankford, and management said their new facility will be perfect for the New Year’s Eve party they have planned.

With an ever-changing wine list and some old favorites, the party will commemorate the closing of Fenwick Wine Cellars Dec. 31, 2015, and its year-long evolution into the new Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery.

The name is new, but the wines produced at Salted Vines have already developed a following in the last six years at Fenwick Wine Cellars.

With a new name for his winery and a new 26-acre location in Frankford, owner Adrian Mobilia - a fourth-generation farmer and winemaker - said he believes the business will be set for success and continued growth in the coming years.

“It’s gone surprisingly better than anticipated,” Mobilia said. “For us to get this operation to the next level, we had to change the name and get some property. Our old location on Route 26 in West Fenwick was good for retail, but not for our winery.”

After he found the new location, Mobilia said he planted grapes on the property last spring, but it has been nearly a year since he closed Fenwick Wine Cellars to create the Salted Vines Vineyards and Winery.

Now, Manager Katie Duke said the winery has the space to grow more grapes and host parties, concerts and events in the new facility.

“This gives us the opportunity to do weddings and parties like the New Year’s Eve event,” Duke said.

This new year, she said classic varietals ranging from chardonnay to cabernet franc make statements on the wine list, which also features favorites from Fenwick Wine Cellars such as Chambourcin and Reflections of Fenwick.

Paired with passed hors d’oeuvres from SoDel Concepts and desserts from Sweet Disposition, the party at Salted Vines is slated to kick off at 7 p.m. with DJ Deogee and run through New Year’s Day, wrapping up at 1 a.m.

For more information about Salted Vines Vineyard and Winery or to purchase tickets for New Year’s Eve, go to or call 302-436-1500.

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