Notable demos in Rehoboth Beach completed

Baltimore Avenue side of Carlton’s, Christian Science building on Bayard come down
April 26, 2024

The demolitions of two notable buildings in Rehoboth Beach have been completed.

Beginning with the Carlton’s building on Rehoboth Avenue, demolition of the rear part of that structure has been underway since the end of February. The building is T-shaped and collocated on Rehoboth Avenue and the southern portion of the Baltimore Avenue lot abutting it.

The top of the T is what was removed. As of April 10, the crew on site was working toward patching holes in the wall with cinder blocks. The remaining portion of the Carlton’s building has been gutted and is being turned into two spaces.

The clothing store was founded in 1960 by Harry Derrickson, and had been run by Trey and Marcia Kraus since 2005 before it closed in December. Prior to being a clothing store, the building was home to a movie theater.

The second well-known building is the First Church of Christ Scientist structure at the corner of Bayard Avenue and Norfolk Street. The church was established in 1956 as a branch of The Mother Church in Boston, Mass., founded in 1879. Demolition of this structure began April 8 and was all but completed by April 10.

The church property and an empty lot to the south were purchased by an LLC from Harrisburg, Pa., in February for a total of $5.5 million. It’s unclear what the future plans are for the property. City code would allow for the church lot to be subdivided into three smaller lots, for a total of four lots, all zoned R-1 residential.

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