Ode to the holidays!

December 26, 2021

It was the night before Christmas and all through the house

The whole world was sleeping except mama mouse.


She had filled all the stockings, wrapped all the gifts,

Hosted her friends, and vacuumed the house.


She addressed cards, baked cookies and decorated the tree

Hubby ran to the store for butter, sugar and chamomile tea!


The season of giving has left them both weary

The Hallmark movies were phony and dreary.


Santa needs cookies to finish the task

Grandpa wants whiskey to fill up his flask.


It’s time to go nighty-night, please can we sleep

Soon they’ll be cheery and stomping their feet.


But what to my wondering eyes do I see

There’s a wee small package staring at me.


Just open it, honey! Cried this loving spouse

It’s just what you wanted, I’m not such a louse.


You asked for world peace and an end to this virus

That we still have our health and and no weather crisis.


You asked Santa for equity, fairness, and more

Help for the homeless, food for the poor.


I can’t give you everything. Lord knows, I’ve tried.

Now open it. Open it. I’m so very tired.


The stockings were tied to the mantel with bows

No hooves on the rooftops, in stupor she rose.


Next year, said hubby, we’re not staying here.

No madness, no cooking, there’s nothing to fear.


I’ve booked us a cruise. Leave the family behind

Next Christmas we’ll be happy, giddy and kind.


What do my wondering ears do I hear?

What’s wrong, what’s the matter, he looked at my tears.


No thank you, my darling, my dear Santa fox.

Nothing important can come in a box.


A Christmas without chaos isn’t Christmas at all

Even Grinch understood he could still have a ball.


What about grandkids, our nephews and nieces?

Our neighbors, our sisters, leave our loved ones in pieces?


Some people have no one to share this delight

We need to be grateful for chaos, not flights.


Let’s go to bed quickly and think of a reason

To celebrate, feel grateful for all we’ve been given.


So off to bed and soon we were snoring

So Santa could come, lest it be morning!


Merry Christmas! Have a happy new year!

To all of you reading, I want to be clear:


Thank you for reading my columns galore

Thank you for saying you’ll read a few more!


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