Out with the old, in with the new!

May 16, 2019

The Cape Region has earned an impressive reputation with diners, and while our visitors weren’t looking, there have been a few changes in the culinary landscape here at the beach. Olive Orchard Tasting Room in First Street Station is under new ownership, but it continues to be the go-to spot for gourmet balsamics, oils and tasty condiments. And it’s still a popular stop on the food tours.

Dewey’s Hawaiian-themed Nalu has spawned another of its kind in downtown Rehoboth Beach. Check out the new Nalu (and the magical glowing bar) on the ocean block. The Wagyu burger is a Rehoboth Foodie pick hit. A similar spawning took place in the second block as longtime Tex-Mex spot Dos Locos birthed a smaller version in the old El Dorado space where Coastal Highway meets Rt. 24.

You’ll notice a new face and a new concept at the now-gone Buttery in Lewes. It’s the brighter and more wallet-friendly 2nd Street Tavern. Same idea at Crust & Craft in Midway Galleria. New bosses SoDel Concepts kept everything pretty much the same, but with Chef Nina Maddox in the kitchen.

We finally have our very own pit beef in the form of Baltimore’s beloved Chaps Pit Beef. Located directly behind Iron Hill Brewery on Coastal Highway, this reasonably priced eatery has a carnivore-friendly menu and lots of delectable sides. Congratulations to the Desch brothers!

The old Cultured Pearl building on Wilmington Avenue has come back to life as Breakfast Guru. For those of us who consider early morning to be the middle of the night, their open-‘til-4 concept is a welcome feature. Just west of there, 208 Social closed its doors for good. Chef/owner Nate Leonard is currently cooling his heels at Crooked Hammock, but keep an eye on him….

The western end of Baltimore Avenue got a major facelift as Tyler Townsend, Bob Suppies and David Gonce totally remodeled the old SOB’s spot to create their casually upscale The Pines Restaurant & Lounge. Sprinkled with lots of Rehoboth memorabilia, this is a must-go for cocktails and well-prepared food.

Shortly after you read this, several new doors will open! Out on the Highway, watch as Thompson Island Brewery rises from the firmament next door to Bluecoast Rehoboth. Downtown, the old Zebra on Lake Avenue will reopen as Sazio under the direction of longtime restaurateurs Greg Talcott and Big Fish Restaurant Group.

The old 7/11 on the circle will rise up as Rise Up Coffee. The old Jakes spot at the corner of Baltimore & First will resurrect as Steamin’ Blues, courtesy of Donny Vechery’s Surfin’ Crab team. Like smoothies? Check out Planet Smoothie soon to open on The Highway next door to Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli and Minh’s Bistro.

There’s even more to come, so keep a hungry eye on Beach Paper for our pick hits.

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