Please think about us and wear a mask

August 3, 2020

To anyone that doesn’t think it’s important to wear a mask. Why don’t you care about us?

Us being immunosuppressed with Crohn’s/IBD, MS, diabetes, Hashimoto Hypothyroid, psoriasis; us being over 60; us being anyone fighting cancer; us being a child at St. Jude’s; us being a child with asthma, an organ transplant recipient. The list goes on and on and on. Us being healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, CNAs, janitors. That list also goes on and on as well. What do you expect all of us to do, stay in our homes so you all can go out and party? You get to enjoy the beach and a vacation but we don’t?

Where is your soul? Where is your empathy? Where is your concern for your neighbor, friend or family member? This isn’t political, it’s having a heart.

If you believe in God and don’t care about us, then what does that say about you and your spirituality? Why don’t you care if someone has to take a loved one to the hospital and just drop them off, possibly to never see them again, not be allowed to be at their bedside when they are sick, not be able to be there if they are dying whether it’s from COVID-19 or some other illness? Why don’t you care?

We all need to be better angels, humans with empathy and a conscious to help take care of each other. And it’s as simple as wearing a mask and social distancing.

I’m hoping my little letter will help you look into your heart and soul and find your better angel and love for all humans in order to make the empathetic choice.

I’m begging for all of us that are compromised, thank you.

Doreen Healy
Rehoboth Beach
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