Question Huxtable and all politicians

January 27, 2023

I have read with a great deal of bemusement recent letters to the editor condemning an observation sent to this paper regarding Sen. Russ Huxtable. “Unwarranted” seemed to be the shared word used to denounce what was a keen and fair letter from George Chambers of Lewes, who questioned Huxtable’s service thus far. Kudos to Mr. Chambers for accurately pointing out some of the concerns and deficiencies evident of Huxtable and doing so most likely knowing full well of the attacks to come considering how negative and angry local Democrats have become in the last few years.

Most disappointing by far was the dishonest gaslighting attempt so typical from national Democrats and recently seized upon by the local coastal elites who didn’t want to admit the fact that while Huxtable was indeed sworn into office on the second Tuesday of January, he had been the senator since Election Day, a unique aspect to Delaware law whereby the date of election serves as the official start of term for a newly elected official and end of term for an outgoing one. Therefore, the “unwarranted” offense taken by the Huxtable defenders echoed the “shock” of Inspector Renault in “Casablanca.” The critique by Chambers was not too early or too soon by any means. The fact that Huxtable has been largely absent from the community scene is an open topic of conversation in many parts of the district.  

While I can understand Huxtable’s fan club wanting to shield him from any negativity and constantly pinning a white ribbon upon his lapel, the questioning or critiquing of our elected officials should not be something that is shamed upon just because you don’t agree. While imperfect as they were, our Founding Fathers advocated holding all public officials accountable, and simple questions shouldn’t offend anyone. Thank goodness Sam and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others critiqued and demanded answers to questions from those in authority over them.  

Russ and his team need to get thicker skin and more honest pens to wordsmith what it is he really is doing, which seems to be as Mr. Chambers noted: not much, either here in the district or in Dover. We deserve better. Shocking, but true. 

Cathy Watts


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