Rehoboth’s sing-along centerpiece has been installed

Harry Caswell team doesn’t break a branch delivering tree to city for first time
November 16, 2022

Story Location:
Rehoboth Beach Bandstand
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

It was a little windy and brisk, but the tree being used for Rehoboth Beach’s annual tree lighting and sing-along has been installed at the Bandstand.

The hours-long process began early Nov. 16, and by lunchtime, the tree had been ratcheted into place.

This year’s tree, a 20-year-old green giant arborvitae, was donated by Dean and Debbie Smith, who live off Plantation Road outside Rehoboth. The tree is about 25 feet tall and weighed almost exactly one ton.

The installation of this year’s tree marked the first time in the history of the event that the crew from Georgetown-based John L. Briggs & Co. didn’t oversee the process. The responsibility now goes to a team from Harry Caswell, a plumbing and utility company based in Long Neck.

Harry Caswell himself was on hand to make sure things went smoothly. Following the removal, transportation and then installation, Caswell said he was pleased with how things progressed.

“They could have picked anyone to help. It’s an honor to take things over,” said Caswell, adding that he’s known the folks from Briggs for a long time. “Things went pretty smooth. We didn’t even break a branch.”

George W. Plummer & Son and Delmarva Power also contributed in the tree’s installation.

Kicking off the Christmas season in Rehoboth Beach, the annual tree lighting and sing-along is traditionally held on Black Friday, which this year is Friday, Nov. 25. The show is slated to begin at 6:30 p.m. For event information, go to, or contact the communications department at 302-227-6181, Ext. 522 or

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