Rehoboth Beach’s next city manager will have big shoes to fill

May 6, 2022

Two years short of a decade, Rehoboth Beach City Manager Sharon Lynn’s last day working for the city is Friday, May 6. She will be remembered as the steady hand that guided the city’s municipal operations into the 21st century, while also cementing Rehoboth Beach as one of the East Coast’s premier vacation destinations. 

From the beach to the canal, Lynn oversaw the construction of a number of high-profile, expensive and technical projects – the ocean outfall, a new city hall and the canal dock. These challenging projects weren't always popular, but Lynn did her job bringing them to completion on time and on budget.

Among the first things Lynn did was oversee the creation of a five-year capital improvement plan. Millions of dollars of deferred maintenance were waiting for attention when she took over in 2014. It’s still a work in progress, but there have been significant improvements, and there’s a path forward.

Voters can be a fickle group, which is why Lynn has had to work with three mayors and even more commissioners, all of whom had their own operational styles and personal agendas. When these officials expressed their desire to do something, whether simple or challenging, Lynn’s response was always to say she and her staff could get it done.

Through two years of COVID-related changes – budget, staffing shortages, use of public space, etc. –  Lynn implemented the not-always-popular rules and regulations voted on by commissioners. Her conservative approach to budgeting saw the city come out of that period ready to move forward.

Even now, as we enter a hoped-for banner summer season, the timing of Lynn’s departure could be seen as leaving the city in the lurch, but it’s not. Lynn has been mentoring Assistant City Manager Evan Miller since he arrived in 2017, and she’s leaving operations in his capable hands while commissioners search for her replacement.

Many people were surprised when Lynn announced her departure in March, but after decades of civil service – first as a police officer, then as a municipal manager for several different towns – she’s decided it’s time to focus on family. Lynn’s legacy will be felt for years to come, and no matter who takes over as city manager, they will have big shoes to fill.


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