Rehoboth Beach Patrol Alumni to plan centennial celebration

2021 will mark 100 years of lifesaving excellence
January 6, 2021

The Rehoboth Beach Patrol Alumni Group is making plans to celebrate its 100th anniversary this summer. With the RBP founded in 1921 by Benjamin Shaw, 2021 will mark 100 years of safety excellence as well as success in lifesaving competitions.

“This a truly historic landmark for the RBP.  I look forward to seeing alumni and sharing 100 years’ worth of stories and events,” said Richard Szvitich, one of the celebration’s organizers. Location and time of the centennial celebration have yet to be confirmed, but all RBP alumni are asked to provide Szvitich with up-to-date contact information so they can be notified as details become available. 

Also, members of the Rehoboth Beach Patrol alumni have launched a business networking group called Cover Down. This group will work to connect former and current RBP members on a professional level with the purpose of supporting RBP-led businesses, finding mentorship, sharing new job opportunities, etc.

“2020 has taught or reminded us of many things, one of the most important lessons being the power of connection to help each other through challenging times,” said Josh Tootell, Cover Down creator. “The experience of RBP alumni is vast and deep, and my hope is that we can turn success on the beach saving lives to professional success for all alumni.”

Alumni can connect to this group via LinkedIn ( or by contacting Josh Tootell at or 804-512-5951.


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