Rehoboth installs new signs warning of stormwater jetties

New trash cans with city logo available again; high contamination rates for Boardwalk recycling
August 13, 2022

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Rehoboth Avenue beach
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
United States

For the safety of swimmers in Rehoboth Beach, the city has installed warning signs near jetty structures protecting the city’s stormwater outfall pipes.

There was discussion at city meetings earlier this summer about installing them. During a commissioner workshop Aug. 8, Interim City Manager Evan Miller announced the signs, located due east of the jetties, had been installed.

In a follow-up email, Lynne Coan, city spokesperson, said installation of the signs has nothing to do with the recent state-issued water advisories at the Rehoboth Avenue stormwater outfall.

Through its recreational water monitoring program, the state monitors a number of areas in Delaware Bay and along the ocean coastline for high bacteria counts – specifically enterococcus, which is a bacteria found in the gut of shorebirds, marine mammals and other warm-blooded animals that feed near the surf. The minimum triggering amount is 104 colony-forming units of enterococcus. The July 28 advisory showed 638 units, while the Aug. 3 advisory showed 1,313.

Coan said the city doesn’t know for sure why the Rehoboth Avenue stormwater outfall seems to be the only one affected. Historically, readings for enterococcus have been higher in the commercial district, which may be because food sources for animals and bacteria are more plentiful, she said.

Coan said the city cleans the stormwater vault at Rehoboth Avenue twice a year and also has an annual stormwater pipe cleaning program. 

New trash cans with city logo available

In an effort to save time and the backs of public works staff members, Rehoboth Beach commissioners instituted a rule that beginning July 1, all trash containers in the city must have a metal or plastic bar on one side that is compatible with city waste trucks.

At the date of implementation, the city was sold out of trash bins with the city logo. Miller said the bins are back in stock and people on the waitlist should be getting them soon. He also said there are more available.

People can purchase their own trash cans or buy one from the city for $85. For more information, call 302-227-6181, Ext. 123, or go to the residents trash and recycling tab at

High contamination rates for Boardwalk recycling

After years of talking about it, the city began a recycling program this year on the Boardwalk.

A few months in, during the recent workshop, Miller said contamination of the recyclables is still very high.

Commissioner Patrick Gossett asked Miller to prepare a debriefing related to the recycling program at the end of the summer season to see if the program was worth the effort. Miller said he would.

Commissioner Jay Lagree said it's a really labor-intensive program. The city is paying for the optics, he said.


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