Rehoboth replacing Rehoboth Avenue trees

20 dead and dying deciduous species coming down in median and circle
November 13, 2019

Story Location:
Rehoboth Avenue
Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

As part of its continual tree maintenance program, Rehoboth Beach is removing dead and dying trees from Rehoboth Avenue.

In an email Nov. 6, Krys Johnson, Rehoboth Beach spokeswoman, said approximately 20 trees are being removed from the circle and median of Rehoboth Avenue. She said the trees will be replaced with a combination of redbuds, serviceberries, golden raintrees, Japanese lilac trees and oaks.

Johnson said generally, small-diameter and small-species trees, such as golden raintree and purple plum, are being removed. None of the trees being removed are part of the original commemorative tree program, the trees that were marked by the engraved stones underneath, she said.

Johnson said Mayor Paul Kuhns, City Manager Sharon Lynn, City Arborist Liz Lingo and the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Trees were part of the decision-making process. Lingo assessed the trees and coordinated the work, said Johnson.

Removal and replacement of dead, dying and hazardous trees is part of the city’s continual maintenance process, said Johnson.

The city reintroduced its commemorative tree program earlier this year. There are three tiers to the commemorative tree program – $350, $600 and $1,000. Pamphlets are available at city hall, 229 Rehoboth Ave. More information on the program is available at

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