Research finds wind farms won’t harm marine life

February 17, 2023

On Feb. 7, the Cape Gazette printed letters from Kathy Ackerman and M. E. Reimtz expressing concerns about proposed wind farms off the coast of Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, Md. I have just reviewed a 318-page research study on the effects of wind farms on all possible marine species, including the endangered right whale, dolphins, seals, birds, turtles, crabs and all other living things affected by the wind turbines. This massive scientific analysis included 40 pages listing published research studies on this issue. I am impressed by the care taken by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to explore all possible hazards to wildlife. The amount of scientific detail exhibited by government agencies to assure safety of all species affected by wind farms, both construction and operation, is nothing short of amazing, and as a result, I feel very comfortable about the plans offered by US Wind and Ørsted. The danger of not following through on these proposed wind farms far, far exceeds any reviewed hazards to marine life.

Climate change threatens the livelihood of all those who live in the coastal areas; grandkids and great-grandkids alike will be forced to leave as the beaches disappear from rising ocean levels. I understand these threats sound exaggerated, but the fear expressed by thousands of scientists worldwide is real, and must be recognized and taken with the highest seriousness. President Biden is surrounded by experts and is doing an excellent job guiding the government and all of us forward to do the right thing for our posterity, including the precious living things in our environment. Please do a Google search for Volume II Maryland Offshore Wind Project Site Characterization and Impact Assessment. Be prepared for a reading assignment that answers all your questions, but it will require months of intense effort! The gathered information covers all potential threatened regions from Virginia to New Jersey.

Dr. Ted Spickler


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