Returning to Vietnam 54 years later with Cape Gazette

March 1, 2020

Kathleen and Ken (KC) White, of the Hawthorne community in Georgetown, traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Vietnam in January. KC was in the Army. The last time he was in Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City, was in 1966.

People today still call it Saigon and it has become a great tourist destination. “The Vietnamese people were very friendly and happy to see us,” said KC. “The food, Asian of course, was outstanding as well.”

Some of the other places they visited that were included in KC’s tour many years ago while serving in the Army are Da Nang, China Beach set on the South China Sea, and Halong Bay, located in Hanoi. This picture was taken on Halong Bay. “The views were astonishing,” said KC.

We at the Cape Gazette salute all active and retired military folks. Thank you for your service and dedication to our country, KC!

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