Rodriguez and Keating are Prediction Run winners

September 3, 2019

The 29th annual Last Blast Prediction Run Aug. 31 started from and returned to Grove Park in Rehoboth Beach with 151 runners.

There were two categories of results, the absolute time and the predicted time. No watches, headphones or relatives were allowed to serve as timing devices. 

The top 10 runners overall were Martin Rodriguez in 17:37, Joey Hawley in 17:46, Reginaldo Hernandez Gonsalez in 18:05, Mike Marciano in 20:02, Jimmy Rubin in 20:09, Caleb Bradley in 20:21, Jayme Rhodes in 20:24, Paul Montini in 20:39, Eric Loose in 20:45 and Mason Morrone in 20:51. 

The top 10 predicted times were all within four seconds of the actual race times. In order, the differences were: Amy Keating .11 seconds, Susan Dunn .20, Joey Hawley 1.25, Bill Pilkington 1.65, Constance Bean 1.65, Don McLamb 2.37, Laura Buckland 3.37, Sherri Wright 3.93 and Ron Niblett 3.97.

A complete listing of expanded results can be found at