SeanCorey Art Gallery now open on Baltimore Avenue

Sean Hueber and Corey Wheatley bring unique works to Rehoboth Beach
October 7, 2020

Story Location:
SeanCorey ArtGallery
39 Baltimore Avenue
Rehoboth Beach  Delaware  19971
United States

It hasn’t been easy, but through sheer determination, Sean Hueber and Corey Wheatley have opened SeanCorey Art Gallery on Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth Beach.

It’s located in the courtyard of CAMP Rehoboth, next to Lori’s Oy Vey! Cafe, and Hueber and Wheatley opened the doors Sept. 1.

Hueber said they had signed the lease for the space before COVID hit and had actually opened for two days before having to close. Then, just as restrictions were being lifted, Hueber got into a serious biking accident trying to catch a hat that had flown off Wheatley’s head.

“It’s a nice hat,” said Hueber, laughing, during an interview Sept. 28.

Finally, just as he had almost recovered from his biking injuries, Hueber said he suffered a seizure, setting the gallery’s opening back even further.

This is the second art gallery Hueber and Wheatley have operated. They used to own 883 Studio Gallery in Baltimore before closing it 15 years ago, which was about the time they moved to Rehoboth Beach.

Hueber and Wheatley have been together for 30 years, making art the whole time. They’re so in tune with each other’s styles that one will finish the artwork of the other sometimes. Hueber said Wheatley’s artistic style is a little more controlled, while his is a little too loose.

“We need a little bit of both sometimes,” said Hueber. “I know what he’s looking to achieve and he knows what I’m looking for. It took a long time before either of us was comfortable.”

The majority of the colorful artwork in the gallery is original pieces by Hueber and Wheatley. Inspired by nature, there are paintings, a line of painted pieces of wood called Stick Figures, and pieces of discarded glassware and other mixed media that have been painted in eye-catching colors.

“It’s old stuff that we’ve made new,” said Heuber.

Business has been slow since they opened.

“Even if they love something, it’s hard for some people to separate art as a need,” said Heuber.

The philosophy at SeanCorey is that everyone should be able to enjoy art, said Heuber. There are some higher-end items, but also pieces of art anyone can afford, he said.

“Art shouldn’t just be for the wealthy,” said Hueber.

Hours of operation for SeanCorey Art Gallery, 39 Baltimore Ave., are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday to Monday. For more information, call 302-396-1013, email or go to

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