Selbyville library youth art awards ceremony set March 10

February 22, 2018

Youth Art Month kicks across America Thursday, March 1. During the month, all art mediums created by children are displayed, appreciated and celebrated.

Selbyville Public Library will host a diverse display of artwork from the community's children in kindergarten through 12th grade. The Arts in the Community Committee from the Selbyville Community Club works with schools and teachers in the surrounding Selbyville region to find pieces for the show.

Kelly Kline, Selbyville library director, looks forward to the display each year. She said, "It's a peek into the minds of the young people in our community and how they see our world."

It is also a vehicle for pride, according to Jackie Bates, who heads the Arts in the Community Committee. "This helps give us a sense of pride in our community – we have so many talented youths," said Bates. "This is also a reflection of the time that the teachers put in, too, of teaching and creating art." Bates is also quick to point out that even in an increasingly technological world, art is the foundation for many programs including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are part of current curriculums.

A panel of judges uses a rubric to score the artwork, and will hand out awards in several categories, from sculpture to painting, at 2 p.m., Saturday, March 10, during a ceremony for the young artists and their families. The art will remain on display for the entire month of March.

All during March, local supporters can come to view the art, and families and individuals can enjoy the many art-centered activities Kline and her staff have prepared. "Coming through the library, participating in our programs, and simply viewing the beauty of the art – these are small things that really make an impact for us here at the library," said Kline.

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