Shelter for unhoused women still a need

February 7, 2023

I spent some time deciding if I would or should respond to the Rev. Brian Lewis’ letter to the Cape Gazette, published in the Jan. 17 edition. It is not my plan or intention to go back and forth with the Rev. Lewis or anyone else for that matter. However, I thought the Rev. Lewis’ letter was somewhat condescending. My initial letter to the paper was to ask the simple question, considering the lack of shelter specifically for unhoused women, why did there not appear to be any inclusion of those women when St. Jude allocated those beds? Instead of answering the question, the Rev. Lewis chose to flip it back on me, inquiring as to what I have or have not done. It’s unfortunate that my letter was seen as just an opinion instead of a question. A question that went unanswered. Perhaps I missed something, but I did not receive his letter in the Christian manner that he has spoken about. My question was written out of compassion and a desire for inclusion for those unhoused women. I would agree with the Rev. Lewis that a sustainable solution is needed, not just locally, but universally. I hope that in my asking the question about shelter for unhoused women in our community, there is more visibility and hopefully that will lead to solutions for our challenging issues.

Gail Jackson
Rehoboth Beach


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