Shields students celebrate 50 years by connecting with the 1960s

Hippie clothing, pop songs and trivia help re-create elementary's early days
November 8, 2017

On Oct. 20, Shields Elementary went back in time.

As part of a weeklong celebration of the school's dedication in 1967 to longtime educator Richard A. Shields, students dressed up in boots and tie-dye, and did a lot of groovy things.

“It was really hippie back then,” said fifth-grader Shelby Manlove, sporting a 1960s-style headband. “I liked the clothes.”

Wearing a flowy, white shirt, fifth-grader Quinn Nutter agreed she liked tie-dye and colorful clothes. “I think it would've been fun to live in the '60s,” she said.

Shelby and Quinn are part of a group of fifth-grade mentors who helped run a carnival for younger students at Shields. Each grade came out for a half hour of fun, tossing a bean bag, ball or even toilet paper for prizes.

Throughout the week, Assistant Principal Kim Corbridge said the morning announcement included a hit song from the 1960s and trivia about the top TV shows or popular toys.

A comparison of consumer goods in 1960s to prices in the 21st century was eye-opening for Bella Petka.

“College costs were really cheap. And it was like $1 to go to the movies,” she said.

In 1967, tuition for Harvard University was $1,855. Other prices Corbridge compared were gas, which was 33 cents per gallon; postage stamps were 5 cents each and there was 22-cent bread and 38-cent eggs.

Manning a cornhole stand that was decorated years ago with Shields' dolphin mascot, Jenna Reinhold sported an orange minidress and recalled what she learned about Richard Shields throughout the week.

“I learned he was really important to the school district and our school,” she said.