Some Hot Sauce Band brightens a cold, dreary day

After long-distance request, local musicians show up to entertain Steve Hanzel
February 18, 2021

It’s been a crazy year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, with drive-by celebrations now considered the norm.

So why not a front-yard serenade?

Steve Hanzel received a surprise birthday and get-well visit from two members of his favorite band thanks to a really long-distance request.

Hot Sauce Band members Mike Shockley and David Aman showed up Feb. 10 at his Lewes home on West Third Street. As they performed, Hanzel sang along from inside his front door as his wife, Anne, videotaped the event.

Shockley said he received a message from the couple’s daughter, Elana Hanzel, in New Zealand, with a request to serenade her father.

Hanzel and his wife have seen the band perform at least six times since being introduced to them by their daughter.

Celebrating his birthday Feb. 8, Hanzel is also recovering from rotator-cuff surgery.

The four-member Hot Sauce Band, formed in 2018, plays multigenerational music with a spicy, Latin flair. Aman, the band’s frontman and maestro, grew up in Italy and Spain, and studied Spanish guitar in Madrid. He moved to London in 1992 and performed throughout Europe before moving to Texas and then Delaware. Go to for more information.

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