State releases pandemic report

Document provides roadmap for future outbreak
July 31, 2020

State officials released a 37-page playbook July 31 to address a future COVID-19 outbreak or similar pandemic.

“Recommendations and observations that are in this report will help us,” said Gov. John Carney.

The Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee Interim Report was created by dozens of state officials and offers recommendations to improve health, the economy and equity if Delaware is faced with another pandemic.

“We have a roadmap, and thanks to the roadmap we are able to look back over those past four months and look at what lessons worked, and what maybe we had challenges with.” said Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long.

Recommendations regarding the business community include providing financial relief for businesses and individuals, and establishing consistency in tightening and loosening restrictions.

“We have seen a growing economic crisis that I think is only going to get worse with time,” said Jeff Bullock, secretary of state. “This thing is bigger than the government, it's bigger than the business community, it's bigger than the not-for-profit sector, it's bigger than our healthcare organizations, it's bigger than any of them individually.”

Dr. Nancy Fan, chairwoman of the Delaware Health Care Commission, said a working group should be in place that can quickly respond if there is a risk to public health. “We want to make sure we're not behind the 8-ball,” she said.

The report also recommends maintaining access to healthcare for everyone if another pandemic strikes. “We want to maintain health access instead of closing it down like last time,” she said.

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