Sussex Consortium paraeducators support staff and students

April 5, 2021

Paraeducators at the Sussex Consortium are heroes to the students and staff they support on a daily basis. Not only do they work collaboratively with teaching staff in the classrooms and other learning environments, but they also assist with instructional support and student supervision duties, prepare educational materials, monitor students’ progress and behavior, and perform a number of other routine tasks that support the teachers.

“Our paraeducators are invaluable,” said Elizabeth Cherico, Sussex Consortium assistant principal. “They keep the classrooms running by providing elements of support to both the students and the teachers. We can’t thank them enough for the work that they do for our program!”

One of the main roles of a paraeducator is to create a safety net for the students. They do this by building trust with them, which is paramount within the classroom setting.

“In creating these connections, we are encouraging students to feel welcome at their home away from home,” said Gina LoBello, a paraeducator at the Sussex Consortium. “This will then ultimately enhance their overall learning experience.”

“Paraeducators are fierce, flexible, free-thinking and fearless supporters of our students and staff,” said Cherico. “We are grateful for their help in making sure our students succeed, and that our teachers feel supported.”

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