Sussex County celebrates 40th annual prayer breakfast

Evangelist Frank Shelton offers challenge to spread the faith
June 25, 2017

The Sussex County Prayer Breakfast celebrated its 40th anniversary June 20 at Crossroad Community Church between Georgetown and Bridgeville.

Guest speaker Frank Shelton, a world-renowned evangelist, arrived in Georgetown from Romania and left immediately after for another crusade in Paris, France.

Emcee Dale Dukes, who has helped coordinate the prayer breakfast since the 1980s, called Shelton one the most phenomenal people he has ever met. He said Shelton's Capital Ministries is working on a project to host Bible ministries weekly in every state capital for elected officials.

Shelton said Delaware should become the first state to put God first. “Your challenge for 2017 is to let the light shine through you like never before. You have to lead by example and get in the game for God's glory,” he said.

He urged those in attendance to share their faith. Shelton said 92 percent of Christians do not take the initiative to lead people to Christ. “You keep the faith and you need to share the faith,” he said.

Shelton does not hold back when he talks about heaven and hell.

Shelton stressed the Bible teaches that Jesus is the only way to heaven. “You will not get to heaven by good works,” he said.

He said the Bible's description of hell is place of fire, snakes, a constant feeling of falling and darkness. “There are no second chances and no hope,” he said.

He called Jesus the rock that Christians need to stare at for their focal point and stand on for their foundation. “Give Jesus the keys to your life and let him drive the rest of the way,” he said.

Shelton has an amazing biography that includes 17 years in politics working on Capitol Hill for Republicans and Democrats – including Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush – and he is a go-to guy for Fox News when religious topics are being discussed. He walked away from his political career in 2007 to preach the gospel.

Shelton lives in southern Maryland with his wife and two children.

His weekly TV program #ByFaith is broadcast in 15 million homes on the DISH Network. Go to for more information.

Thirteen-year-old Lily Mae Border provided inspirational music. County Council President Mike Vincent led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance; the Rev. Rick Betts of Crossroad Community Church gave the opening prayer; the Rev. Shawn Willey of Abundant Life Church in Laurel provided the prayer for the nation; and Pret Dyer gave the closing prayer.

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