Sussex County tops state in COVID cases

New statistics break down race/ethnicity
April 26, 2020

Sussex County, the state's second-largest county by population, now leads the state in COVID-19 cases, posting more than 200 cases over New Castle County.

In statistics released by the Delaware Division of Public Health April 26, Sussex County had 1,870 cases, followed by 1,629 in New Castle County and 652 in Kent.

Even before Sussex County passed more densely populated New Castle County in number of total cases, the county had recorded the highest rate per 10,000 residents in the state. According to the latest statistics, 98 residents per 10,000 in Sussex have tested positive, while New Castle had 28 and Kent 37. The statewide number is 43 residents per 10,000.

Expanded demographic data on COVID-19 cases and deaths are available on the Division of Public Health’s My Healthy Community data portal, which supplements daily case data listed on

Details on My Healthy Community include a breakdown of race and ethnicity for total COVID-19 cases, the rate of cases, and deaths.

According to statistics, there are more non-Hispanic blacks who have tested positive for COVID-19. Statewide, there are 1,106 non-Hispanic blacks, followed by 1,003 non-Hispanic whites and 714 Hispanics. In Sussex County, there are more Hispanics with 508, followed by 315 non-Hispanic whites, and 222 non-Hispanic blacks.

The rate of Hispanics with COVID-19 leads the state and Sussex County per 10,000 people. In Sussex County, there are 253 Hispanics per 10,000 compared to 83 statewide.

For total deaths, non-Hispanic whites lead the category with 69, or 57 percent of the 125 statewide total. There have been 29 non-Hispanic black deaths, and five Hispanic.

The latest Delaware COVID-19 case statistics cumulatively since March 11, provided April 27, include:

  • 4,162 total laboratory-confirmed cases
  • Age range: 0 to 103
  • Currently hospitalized: 325
  • Delawareans recovered: 996
  • 15,454 negative cases






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