They Poop We Scoop opens to serve Sussex County dog lovers

March 22, 2023

Local owner/operator Chris Banz has just launched his new business, They Poop We Scoop, to take the unpleasant task of cleaning up doggy doo off the hands of Sussex County dog owners, communities and businesses.

His service will come to clients’ property and take away their dogs’ waste, so they don’t have to.

“One day while in casual conversation, the subject of how much I hated cleaning up the family dog’s poop from my childhood home’s yard when I was young came up. Back then, I never could have imagined I’d one day be scooping poop all day for a living,” Banz said. “Despite those memories, I now actually find the process almost meditative. That, and as a lifelong dog lover, how could I not enjoy seeing a bunch of pups every day?”

Banz said it’s important to keep dog waste from accumulating, because unlike fertilizer made from cow manure, dog poop is classified as a pollutant by the EPA. It can transmit diseases and parasites to other pets, wild animals and humans, and pollute local water sources. It also attracts pests such as fleas, ticks and flies to one’s yard and pets, and it turns grass brown. “Not to mention it stinks,” he said.

They Poop We Scoop offers a variety of customizable services in a professional, safe and sanitary manner to meet the needs of private residences, homeowners associations, apartment and condo complexes, commercial properties, dog parks, municipalities, events and more.

For more information and to request a quick and easy quote, go to, email, or call or text 302-899-8858.

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