Third edition of Black Voices to arrive May 6

May 2, 2022

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Social Justice will release Black Voices, Vol. 3 to the public Friday, May 6.

Black Voices focuses on relevant issues about racial and social justice through stories and articles written from the points of view of community members, the church, young people, legislators, businesses, educators and allies. Its mission is to create deeper understanding, build bridges, and stimulate action and advocacy toward making modern society more just and equitable.

SDARJ, along with many other organizations, is aware of the dangers threatening democracy in this current time of tension and division. With efforts being made to control who has the power to vote, to limit conversations and readings in school and community settings, the specter of authoritarianism is raising its ugly head.

Black Voices responds to the urgent need to speak out against the extremism that is threatening what truly makes this country great: its democracy, as imperfect as it may be, and its commitment to the common good of all, not just the few.

The article “Who Do We Really Want to Be? examines abuses of power. In his commentary about education, Joseph Lawson points out that white children lose as much as Black children do if the history they are taught is not complete and truthful. There is also a story about the Milford 7, the first African Americans to graduate from Milford High School. Vol. 3 also includes youth voices, which are so important, along with an educator’s experiences, a “find the historical place” challenge, and more.

Print copies of Black Voices Vol. 3 will be included in the Friday, May 6 Cape Gazette and can be requested by emailing There is also a link to the digital publication at

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