Tidewater Landing Veterans Club installs flagpole at clubhouse

Made possible by community donations, veterans will maintain site
November 14, 2023

A welcome home can mean a lot of different things to different people, but comfort is one feeling most people seek from their home. 

Several veterans are residing in Tidewater Landing, a development that recently upgraded the cosmetics and durability of its sign, and felt something else was missing at the entrance to the development: a flag pole with the American flag.

“Our goal was to do it on Veterans Day because it's special to us. We wanted to honor our fallen,” said Tidewater Landing Veterans Club President John Anders.

Anders said the club began preparing to install the flag pole in the spring. It required approval from the homeowner’s association and a need for thousands of dollars to be raised.

“We had to bring it up to the board, and the board asked us to get a petition. We went out, got a petition, put the petition together, and it passed with a supermajority. We then needed to get funds because it's we the veterans taking care of this all by ourselves. It's not costing anybody within our community any money –  it's not part of our HOA fees. It's maintained by the veterans club,” Anders said.

The Marine veteran added that the club will have other ceremonies and installations in the future to enhance the flag pole. He said the club will hold future fundraisers to cover the costs of improvements and maintenance. Anders thinks the club may add a sidewalk leading to the flag pole.

During the ceremony, the colors were presented by the Cape Henlopen JROTC program. Instructor Sgt. First Class Richard Hurt presented the veterans with the first flag to fly above the community. Tom Hehnan played “Taps” to a crowd of well over 100 people. 

Anders is hoping the flag is a comfort for folks and unifies the people of his community. 

“I was looking for something to bring people together,” Anders said.

Residents of Tidewater Landing will now be welcomed by Old Glory when they enter their community, while those traversing Robinsonville Road will also get a glimpse of the flag to go along with the brand new sign.


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